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Cost-effective manufacturer of high volume complex parts.
Net-shape manufacturer with minimal material waste.
World Class Technology (WCT) 

World Class Technology (WCT) has quickly become a global leader in the latest Metal Injection Molding techniques. Years of refining techniques has created uncompromising quality, high yields, and cost efficiency. WCT's state of the art equipment includes CAD/CAM design, CNC, EDM, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Sintering and Coining. 

WCT supports their precision mold fabrication with their own in-house tooling department offers a 100% Mold Protection Guarantee that covers all maintenance, repairs, and replacement if needed at zero cost to the customer as long as production stays with WCT.

MIM Part
Available Services

World Class Technology has been in the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) industry for over 25 years. We create quality, custom, metal-injected parts for customers around the world. If you have a project and are interested in World Class Technology, take the time to check out our services, and contact us for all the information you need to get your custom part created.

Metal Injection Molding
Metal Injection Molding
Product Design
Cost Analysis
Cost Analysis
Product Design
Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection
MIM size parts example
Why Choose Metal Injection Molding (MIM)?
  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM) offers manufacturing capabilities for producing net shape, complex, metal parts in large quantities

  • MIM gives manufacturers an alternative method of producing parts that can be less expensive than machining or casting

  • MIM can produce geometries that can eliminate secondary operations

  • MIM offers superior density, corrosion performance, strength, and ductility

  • MIM can combine two or more powered metal (PM) components into one; reducing part count

  • MIM designs save material and weight 

  • MIM can produce better surface finish

  • MIM can produce thinner wall sections and sharper cutting points

  • MIM greatly reduces requirements for finish machining 

  • MIM produces high volumes of small components at a lower cost and faster lead times

  • MIM has mechanical properties superior to castings and other PM parts reflecting fine particle size and high sintered density

  • MIM has a wide range of pre-alloys and master alloys available

  • MIM is a repeatable process for complex components made from high-temperature alloys

  • MIM parts are near fully dense, which gives excellent mechanical, magnetic, corrosion and hermetic sealing properties, and allows secondary operations like plating, heat treating, and machining to be easily performed

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